Our Brands


Made and Designed in France. Established in 1751

A French creator of textile flooring for today and tomorrow, Balsan offers personalized, decorative, and functional solutions for all public and private spaces. Passion for color, a green spirit, and commitment to creating a quality product are at the core of Balsan’s identity. Discover Balsan here »

Schafer Hardwood Flooring

Made in the United States. Established in 1981

Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co. produces premium flooring for projects all around North America, and they are the exclusive manufacturer of V3 engineered hardwood flooring. Designed for both strength and style, V3’s unique, 3-ply system incorporates three layers of North American hardwood. Discover the possibilities here »

TAJ Flooring

Established in 2009.

A family-owned business, TAJ Flooring offers a broad selection of highly versatile resilient flooring designs for today’s modern commercial environments. Our values are focused on service and superior quality, finding the ideal solution for your design needs. Discover the possibilities here »

To Market

Made in America, Canada, China, Netherlands, and Portugal. Designed in America. Established in 1998

Founded on the principle of connecting people and product, To Market provides the commercial market with alternative materials for interior spaces. Their color-coordinated products utilize recycled and sustainable materials and are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Learn more about To Market here »


Made and Designed in The Netherlands. Established in 1950

Senso brings innovation and sustainability to the resilient flooring market with their liquid poured version of hard surfaces and fully recyclable material.  Senso boasts a seamless and highly durable resilient floor.


Made and Designed in the U.S. and Europe.

Mondani Collection was founded on the basic philosophy that wall and floor coverings should be sourced with the very best quality and provided with the very best service. Architectural and Construction projects are complicated enough. Mondani Collection strives to simplify as much of the process as possible. Learn more about Mondani here »


Made and Designed in Denmark. Established in 1950

Fletco Carpets has its roots in the proud traditions of its region which is known for its craftsmanship, in industrial processing of textile products. This sense of belonging is important, since it embraces such values as quaa supplier of carpets to the international domestic and con­tract marketability, industry and preci­sion.

Learn more about Fletco here »


Made and Designed Italy. Established in 1948

Mondo has a long-lasting legacy of exceptional rubber flooring products. Commercial and industrial spaces need flooring that supports, inspires and protects the people who use them. As a world-wide leader of rubber flooring, Mondo creates beautiful and functional premium rubber floorings. Discover Mondo Contract here »