Founded in 2018, sur4ces is a growing distributor of unique and innovative floor covering and acoustic solutions. We’ve picked top products from all over the world to provide exclusively in our targeted markets.

Whether you’re looking for splashes of color, custom designs, or sustainable solutions, sur4ces has got you covered.


sur4ces aims to connect clients with sustainable and innovative flooring and acoustic solutions that integrate contemporary design and exceptional performance for any space.


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Bespoke designs and contemporary brands provide infinite possibilities for any space. Whether you’re looking for a pop of color, shades of gray, or trending patterns, sur4ces has a product for you.


We are working to create healthier acoustic environments with our variety of wall coverings and engineered backing options.


With a vast number of products from carpet to rubber, sur4ces can provide the ultimate solution for all your flooring needs.


From recycled yarn to goat hair from Mongolia, sur4ces is helping decrease our global footprint.