How can I request samples?

To request samples please email info@sur4ces.com. Please provide the following in your email:

  • Project Name
  • Samples Requested
  • Ship to Address
  • Project Description
Where can I find pricing?

Pricing is based on a per project basis – please email info@sur4ces.com for pricing information.

What is your lead time?

Lead time is based on a per project and per product basis – please email info@sur4ces.com for more pricing information.

What are your custom options?

We have plenty of custom options! Please visit our custom section on our site to learn more about our custom design, rug, wood, and color options!

Where can I find the technical information?

If you can’t find the technical information here, please email info@sur4ces.com


Balsan / Bolero Specification Sheet 345.6 KB
Balsan / Desert Specification Sheet 315.0 KB
Balsan / Karma Specification Sheet 292.7 KB
Balsan / Luxe Specification Sheet 303.4 KB
Balsan / Pilote2 Specification Sheet 355.4 KB
Fletco / Chain (Broadloom) Specification Sheet 812.3 KB
Fletco / Nordic (Broadloom) Specification Sheet 807.7 KB
Fletco / Nordic (Tile) Specification Sheet 900.7 KB
To Market / Atmosphere Phoenix Specification Sheet 93.6 KB
To Market / Atmosphere Protec Specification Sheet 85.1 KB
To Market / Ozogrip Gallery Specification Sheet 90.9 KB
To Market / Ozotec Preserve Specification Sheet 97.8 KB
To Market / Urban 20 Specification Sheet 89.3 KB
Tretford Eco Tile Specification Sheet 96.1 KB
Tretford Roll Specification Sheet 92.4 KB
Tretford Tile Specification Sheet 91.5 KB
Tretford Acousticord Specification Sheet 107.1 KB

Leave Behinds

Balsan 2019-2020 Product Catalog PDF - 45.5 MB
Balsan Brochure PDF - 2.2 MB
Balsan Silence Brochure Acoustics PDF - 1.5 MB
Balsan The Green Spirit of Balsan PDF - 8.3 MB
Fletco Art Weave Brochure PDF - 2.2 MB
Fletco Brochure PDF - 3.7 MB
Fletco Lock Tiles PDF - 271.8 KB
Fletco Maintenance Guide PDF - 351.3 KB
Fletco Product Catalogue PDF - 5.5 MB
Fletco Rug Brochure PDF - 4.3 MB
Fletco Sebastian Wrong Catalogue PDF - 1.5 MB
Tretford Roll, Tile, and Acousticord Colors PDF - 8.9 MB